Skilled Nursing Facility


Skilled Nursing Care is provided for residents who are in need of 24-hour professional nursing care. Breckinridge Place Nursing facility offers private-room services that are tailored to meet an individual's specific needs.  These services fall within State and Federal guidelines for either Licensed Nursing Care or Skilled Nursing Care, through an integrated program of medical care and supportive services to strengthen a resident’s physical, mental, emotional,
and spiritual well-being.
Whether it’s a Medicare rehabilitative stay, a short-term stay, or long-term care, our Health Care Center is committed to personalized skilled nursing care that makes resident and family satisfaction the top priority.
Breckinridge Place offers Medicare rehabilitation programs that provide skilled nursing and therapy following a hospital stay.  Our multidisciplinary program includes round-the-clock nursing care, rehabilitative therapies, and comprehensive health-related services.  In addition, we provide social services and therapeutic activities administered by
compassionate and caring staff.


Skilled Nursing Care serves the needs of seniors and their families with personalized 24-hour professional nursing care. Our Skilled Nursing facility often serves as a rehabilitative environment following surgery or hospitals stays, convalescent setting for individuals with temporary illnesses, and a secure home for those who require long-term supervised care.

Podiatry, psychology, optometry, audiology, lab,

x-ray, and dentistry are all available as ancillary services to our residents throughout their stay.